Around December of last year, I recorded several different gameplay videos. Most of these videos were for different Wii U games, including Little Inferno, New Super Mario Bros U, Just Dance 4, etc. Some of my former colleague’s over at Fanbolt Gaming will be starting up a Playstation site and ask if I would like to join in terms of helping out to provide videos from time to time. I said yes. Still farely early to give out details, but this got me thinking of how fun it would be make gameplay videos again.

This also made me think of a new idea for this blog. I’m thinking of setting up a video section on the site to  hold and show off different videos for games. Generally will be showing off different games I’m currently playing. This of course will come from a capture device I have hooked up to my TV. So this will include Wii U, Wii (via Wii U’s Wii mode), PS3, and Xbox 360. Will also include any future game system or so that has HDMI output. It may even include older systems if  pick up a HDMI to RGB video cable as well if that actually works. Of course, if I do do this, it will likely exclude PS3 videos as I’m sure those will be sent to the new site instead.

Lastly, when I do set this up, I will likely set up a twitter account for the videos as well.