It’s been a little while since I last updated this blog. But since the last time I posted, I have since become an official Wii U developer. Not only that, but my Wii U development kit has already arrived. Since yesterday, I have been having fun experimenting with it. Mostly setting it up and testing out the game I am currently making for the Wii U. I plan to test out some Wii U specific samples this weekend, like using the Wii Mote for an example. This weekend, I also plan to go into further details of my first game for the Wii U. I also plan to make it a weekly thing to make a development diary for this and future games. I’ll start that this weekend officially then.

I have also set up a company LLC for my future Gaming Company. I will reveal that shortly, just waiting for the official package of it being 100% set up before I reveal it to the world. But once that’s through, I plan to set up a website, FB account, as well as a Twitter account for it. Not sure if I will set up a blog for it or just link to this blog. Might go for a middle ground and do an offcal blog over on the new website to cover more serious stuff as well as more former dev diaries. But I’ll likely still keep this one active as well as so lighter dev diaries.

You can see an example of my future Tower Defense game on the Wii U gamepad below! Game doesn’t have any graphics, so you most likely have no idea what you are looking at. 😛