I have recently set up a YouTube account for this site for me to show up any video I have to record. I have also set up my own Twitter account outside my main Twitter to have those videos tweeted whenever I add new ones. So if you are interested, feel free to follow either. I don’t really expect much views or so currently. I’ll continue to record gameplay video even if no one watches these. This is mostly just for fun.

I have recently purchased another cable for my Hauppuage recording device that will allow me to record video from normal VA cables such as composite or S-Video. I already have the ability to record from HDMI and Component. Once this new cable comes in the mail, I’ll easily be able to record SNES games, Saturn games, etc. I think I’ll likely do some longplays as well. I have been meaning to play some Soul Blazer, and wouldn’t mind recording it.

I also need to mess around with my settings, as of right now I can’t seem to get YouTube to display HD video. I’ll have to experiment with that.

YouTube Channel

Twitter Account