Another week, another development update. I am thinking of renaming the game from “The Last Defense” to “ZaciSa’s Last Stand.” I do like the name of “The Last Defense”, though a bit generic, vague and rather the complete opposite of unique names. I did a quick Google search and noticed so many games and other media are named exactly that. I rather when someone googles my game’s name or mentions it, it’s known what it is. Of course, not that I really expect many people to do so, but nice to have a game that name is not so common.

This past week I finished work on the Drones for the game. This is including the paths it takes, the algorithm to go after enemies, as well as support for controlled drones by the player via co-op. I actually had no intention of adding something like this to the game, but the once I added the Drone to the game, I just knew I had to include this. At any time during the game, anyone with extra controllers can take control of any of the Drones currently in the game. While in control, the drones will still continue to fire at their normal rate, but you will have complete control of the drone movements and move them anywhere in the map. This allows for a nice little co-op action for friends as well as an additional interesting strategy to help stay alive.

This weekend I also worked on two additional maps for the game. The first was a map in a asteroid like cavern/field. As thus, I worked on actually adding walls to the map that enemies and bot ranges couldn’t fire through. This means I re-coded some of the base game to work with the walls and visualize what it could see and couldn’t see. I also started work on another map that is slightly more simple, but have most of the enemy coming from one side. Mostly the map takes place during hyperspace travel. I’m sure my wording here for both maps doesn’t make much sense, but once I take pictures of the game in motion, it will make much more sense.

With a lot done, I really only have a few things left to do. Code wise, this includes: Additional maps (at least 4 total, but I think I’ll aim for 6 total for launch), Leaderboard (both simple local as well as online), Easy Mode (essentially you start off little more money, enemies deal less damage, etc), as well as re-balancing the game itself.

I believe I can complete the game, code wise at least, by mid-October. I still have to get graphics for the game as well as get music and sound effects for the game. I also need to get it rated by the ESRB and then finally send it off to Nintendo for lot check. Should be an interesting month. I’m still hopeful to release the game by December or January.