This past week I spent working on the Gamepad for the game. Mainly I am working on a new design for the display to make the game more responsive and such. What I did was add a tab like view to the bottom screen allowing for more actions to be possible in a much easier fashion. This includes three tabs, Overview, Resources, and My Bots. The Overview features the map as well as stats about the game, like how much money, the level or how many enemies are left. All normal stuff really. The map itself is slightly zoomed in to give a better look at what is going on and can use the dpad to move around the map. From here, selecting on a open Spot or active Bot can allow you create or upgrade bots live. The Resources tab was created in order to make it more clear how to actually play the game and understand it a little easier. Most of the actions here can also be performed live on the Overview itself live. Though extra abilities like the Drone and Specials to be used can only be used of course. Lastly is a tab to show you all your active bots. From here you can see all the Bots you have in play and see what their current stats are and decide to upgrade them if you feel like it.

Once this is done, which I feel like should be another day or 2, I will only have a few more things to do. Mainly local Leaderboard, online Leaderboard, and doing a final Game Balance check. Then the game will finally be done, at least code wise. I will then port the game back to the web so I can get some feedback on the gameplay while I start work on the graphics and find someone to help me on the game’s music/sounds. While all that is happening, I will also apply to the ESRB as well so I can get my game rated. Right now the game also have only 4 distinct maps. After doing graphics, I might go back and add in 2 others or do that in a free patch after launch.

Hopefully, if things go well, I can get the game out by December.