This latest development update brings to you a special online beta of the Wii U game for all to try out. Check it out here: Online Beta.

Given that this game is for the Wii U, some things couldn’t be transferred over to the online browser version. Most obviously one is the lack of two screens. So for now, I am just rendering what you will mostly see on the Wii U’s Gamepad itself. Also doing this, as all of the inputs are done via that screen as well. This of course hinders what is displayed and shown to the user. As during gameplay, the map is reduced and sized down to fit inside a tab cell with the full map shown on the TV. I however am showing a bigger map now then what will occur on the Wii U’s Gamepad, so you will get a better idea of where everything is without having to scroll through the map. I also disabled the moving of “Drones” by the player as well as local leaderboards.

Since this is a beta, there will bound to be some issues, such as game balance, graphical, and other issues. As I continue to update the beta, these issues will start to go away and you should get a clear view of how the game will play and look. I am still currently working with music and graphics, so some areas may be void o sound or missing graphics as well.

There is still quite a good bit of work to be done, but I am confident that I will be able to fully complete the game by the end of the month. I have also recently found someone to help me with music. nothing confirmed for now, but am hopeful this works out. I am hopeful to release this game by the end of December.

Let me know of what you think of the game.