It really feels like I’m in the last days of the main core coding for the game. I finished the local highscores for the game. This includes storing new high scores on game over screen if they have a high enough score as well as the display page for viewing highscores. There is a highscore rankings for each map as well as each mode (Hard / Easy). All that is left after this is doing to the online highscores/leaderboard as well as game balance test and fixing for each map.

Once those few things are done, I plan to start on graphics and looking for music/sound effects for my game. Sometime later this week I will also try to get the game playable online. Since the gamepad is a good bit different then the main TV screen as well as the gamepad handles all the inputs, this might be an issue. The best thing I can likely do is get both working on a single page with a sort of tab view allowing a user to switch between the two to help test it. I will also attempt to output the game from two different web windows as well so a user could truly play as it was intended on two different monitors if available. This web version will likely be up before I start on graphics.

I also currently only have 4 different maps for the game. If I have time, which I believe I do, I will attempt to add in two additional maps to the game after I get graphics and sounds added. I have some unique ideas for additional maps.

As of right now, I am still aiming for $2.99 release for December. If things go well for the rest of the month, I might even try to release it in November. Also, for those curious, I don’t plan to release a demo for the game. Since the game is a arcade like experience and very cheap, I feel it would be pointless to make a demo for the game. If I do release a demo, it will likely be much later on, but for this game I would not count on it.