With most of the main core programming now behind me, I have now started the next stage of development of the game. Graphics. I still have some coding left beyond music and graphics integration of course. Such as Online Leaderboard and additional gameplay testing. But I decided to take a break from that and begin working on graphics. I will also officially submit my company, ZeNfA Productions, to ESRB so I can eventually get my game rated. I have so far spent about 95ish hours on the game so far.

For the main game’s look, I have in mind a somewhat crayon look for it. In my mind, I think this will work well. I have spent this weekend drawing out the different graphics, such as the main space background, or the base and enemy images. I still have a decent amount of work ahead of me for both new stuff to draw as well as fixes and upgrades to current images. For example, I feel like the bot ranges need to have borders to make them more unique and defined. The enemies are mainly triangle like ships for now, I see myself going back and redrawing them to give them a more unique look.

Though the graphics are a work in progress, you might just be able to see what I have in mind for the game.

TV Display


Gamepad Display